To pap tests *raises a glass*

Worrying is a horrible feeling. Worse when its about yourself, because I barely get time to eat/shit/shower, nevermind worry.

After having an abnormal smear test back in August (my birthday present from the NHS) , I had the letter to go to hospital. Three punch biopsys later and a two week wait, the dreaded letter arrived in the post. Pre-cancerous cells (CIN2) which means treatment is needed. They did not sugar coat it. However, could have been A LOT worse.

Now though, I don’t know what im more worried about. The fact I have to have more people messing around ‘up there’ or the aftermath. Everyone I have spoke to has said not to worry, ‘you’ll be fine’ but easier said than done. They are right but still. More likely its on me for over thinking as usual.


On the plus side, my friends and family have been amazing.

And after the op, Im going to milk it. Bed rest for min of two days đŸ˜‰ maybe three at a push!! But then i think the husband might start clocking on. So we’ll see!!


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