Day 437

Of the summer holidays.

Its one of those days. Following a rough shift at work last night.

Plus im shattered because I had to catch up on Game of Thrones so watched it after work. GOT before sleep obv.

Regretting it this morning though.

The little one decided to sneak downstairs at god knows what time this morning and grab his tablet. His excuse to doing this was because he had a bad dream about a cat in the garden. Makes perfect sense.

When it came to me and the hubby getting up at half 6, his battery was almost flat. I dread to think what time he got up. But now he’s a wreck. Beyond anything humanly possible.

He’s currently crying because the dogs chewing a toy he handed to her. He’s cried because the floor was wet after i mopped it; Because he wasnt allowed an ice cream for breakfast, his juice wasn’t cold enough, his toast wasn’t burnt, theres birdpoo on the window, oh and because his sock wasn’t on properly. These are a select few of my favourites among a million other reasons.

On top of this I got scratched to death by said dog at the vets this morning, she also decided to roll around her in her own pee when i bathed her yesterday so thats always good and she peed in my car.

The only one whos being well behaved out of the three of them is my daughter. Shes only told me she hates me once this morning so thats always a win.

Anyhow, another 7 hours left of this shift till my next one at work. Thats if i make it out of this one alive


#momlife #pullingmyhairout #isit bedtimeyet #wheresthealcohol




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