I would firstly like to apologise for my absence.  December last year!!! Whoops

Quite scary really because it feels like last week. Definitely the lack of sleep blurring the days into one!!

Quick catchup?

I am now a business owner!!

Feel free to like and share. No matter where you are in the world.

It’s took up A LOT of my time and my husbands money 😂 It’s getting there slowly!!

I still work nights.

My children are growing up way too quickly. Ayla started school September just gone. It took a few weeks of tears (from myself) but she’s settled in wonderfully. She’s made a ton of friends which is good until she wants a birthday party. Two sterling school reports from her teachers too. She’s a little angel at school which means as soon as she walks through the front door, she turns into a demonic animal who eats people alive.

Harris started nursery too. Now there was a lot of tears from him. I actually adjusted pretty well to three hours peace a few days a week. Peace meaning coffee and Jeremy Kyle. Sad times

Proberly the biggest change of all is that we have finally brought our first house!!! In the next few weeks we’ll be moving in! So with work, my business, four school runs a day and feeding and keeping the three children (3rd is my husband of course) , I now have to pack up a whole house! 😑 Don’t like doing things by half do we!

I’ll check in a lot sooner next time. I promise



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