Goodbyes are hard.

Especially when you never get the chance to say it.

Ellie was nine. She was kind, caring, amusing, annoying at times and always a shoulder to cry on. Yes, she was our pet dog but we saw her as one of the family.

She got ill during the night on Saturday. Dad found her unable to walk waiting for him by the back door. Vets said she had a womb infection. So Monday morning she was booked in to be spade.  Common procedure but we really didn’t expect to lose her.

When they opened her up, she had a cancerous tumor on her spleen which had ruptured. During the operation she lost too much blood and they advised us that it might be best to put her down.

Even if she had made it, her life wouldn’t have been the same. So somehow dad made that decision.

We never got to say goodbye. Think that’s the hardest part.

Words can’t describe the huge hole that’s been left in our hearts and our home.

The other dogs pine for her.

The kids still look for her in the garden and ask if she’s better.

It will take time but we’ll never forget her.

Rest in peace Ellie




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