Press pause


What has happened to the world?

My children won’t ever grow up like I did. You left in the morning and didn’t come back till it was dark. You played all day, outside, streets away from my home, with my parents not having to worry because someone would always have their eye on you. Now, the thought of my children leaving my sight even for a second terrifies me.

Last time I wrote, I was excited about Paris and our very delayed honeymoon. After the tragic events last Friday, me and my husband decided to cancel our trip in August.

Not because of the possibility of another attack or the media coverage of the event. Not the fact that our hotel was going to be less that 100 metres away from the same theatre that 80 people tragically lost their lives. It was the fact that i could not shake that gut wrenching feeling of leaving my children. If anything had of happened to us, whether in Paris or anywhere in the world, would they have ever been able to forgive me for leaving them for a weekend away and not coming home? Would they grow up resenting us for being selfish and wanting a weekend away to ourselves?

The thought is horrid. But it is there all the same.



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