Since Nov 2013 I have lost almost five stone. Woohoo! That was the baby fat from both pregnancies. It worried me at first because the weight was falling off without even trying. So after a visit to the doctor and numerous blood tests, I was given the all clear and sent on my way. Turned out two under three and a 25 hour week at work was my diet and gym in one. Win win I suppose. Getting paid to get skinny was enough motivation to go to work.

But now I am stuck in a rut. I still haven’t got round to getting me new clothes and since my last visit to hairdressers was getting on for almost a year ago I’m in need of a bit of tlc. But how do you fit it in?

Internet shopping has its perks but when you buy new clothes, you need to touch and feel them. Well I do anyway. I try to imagine them covered in chocolate fingerprints or paint and if the material/colour would show it up. When it comes to my hair, will it be too short to get it up in a ponytail, or get away without washing it in a few days if I have it cut like that?

One answer: Time. Or lack of.

Mom said it will get easier but I’d like to not look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards for more than once a week.

To any clothing designer, you need to start making affordable clothing that are wipe clean, loose and non restricting.

As long as the kids look beautiful and have everything they need, I’ll just wait for my turn!


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