It has been almost three years since we got married. And we are finally getting a honeymoon! *grins like the chesire cat*

When we tied the knot, I was on maternity leave with my daughter. She was only ten months old (and looked beautiful as a bridesmaid!)A few days after, I went back to work. So we have kind of forgot about our honeymoon. Till my mom actually asked if we would like a long weekend away somewhere and she would watch the kids. So, naturally, we booked a long weekend in Paris.

It might not be till next year but I can not wait!!

But, there’s always a but, I feel guilty for leaving the kids. It’s not for another year but the thought of even leaving the country without them fills me with guilt. I know they’ll be looked after, spoilt even but still. I guess if we took them it wouldn’t be classed as a honeymoon.

So for once in the four years of being a parent, I am going to be selfish. I am having some me time in the one city I have always wanted to return to. Plus as me and the husband are like passing ships in the night, it will do us some good too.

After all, I can always bring them a present back!!


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