Let down

The one thing I have learnt about having kids is that you can’t plan anything. If you do it never goes to plan. The usual reasons plans fail are because they are ill or they are having one of those days where they hate the world and everyone in it.

The bike ride we had planned for Clic Sargant charity was today. Set off time was right now actually. And I’m sat at home with a pile of sicky bed clothes which will proberly take me most of the day to get through. Excluding the hours to remake all the beds.

3am. The usual ‘daddy’ cry from my daughters room. This time she wasn’t well. Raging temperature and after she came into our room to cool down, vomit all over our bed. Complaining of a bad headache which is unusual as this is the first time for that symptom.

So I’ve had to let my friends down. AGAIN. On the phone to 111 at stupid o’clock. On the plus side I’ve already done two loads of washing.

I wonder how long my very few friends will actually hang around for at this rate. Full of plan changing and disappointment. Not only have I let my friends down, I’ve let myself down. I’d prepared for this over the last few weeks.

Not only that this week’s been full of disappointment. Hospital appointment was cancelled and the exam I’d prepared so hard for, I was 8 marks off the grade I needed.

Meh! feeling sorry for myself. Thought I’d share!


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