Birthday cupcake


So today is my birthday. Twenty six going on eighty the way my backs playing up!

When I was a kid, my birthdays were always a big celebration. My parents put in a lot of time and effort to make sure everything was perfect. Cake, presents, birthday partys, the works. They did this with both me and my sister. Every year without fail. We made some lovely memories.

Now I’m the mom and how things have changed. I had a lovely changing bag for a present, along with a Yankee candle. I didn’t actually get to open my cards because they had already been opened by a birthday ghost yesterday, apparently. We spent the day at a farm because they wanted to feed goats. Had a sneaky pub lunch with the tantrums because there was too much cheese on her burger. Then a trip to the toy shop so she could spend her pocket money on shopkins. My son, during all of this, was happy stuffing his face and running from aisle to aisle with a pack of plastic dinosaurs. I had to repeatedly ask my husband to make sure he had today off so we could spend some time together. I had no phone call from my parents, just a text saying happy birthday. I really miss those days when all our relative came round to see me. All in one room, together.

Dad always said to me as you get older, they just seem like a regular day. Last year I worked on my birthday. The only reason I didn’t today was because I’d pulled some strings to get it off. I agree with him. It does suck.

As selfish as I sound, I would have loved a few more presents, balloons (im a sucker for them) a proper birthday Cake (not a cupcake with a candle because the hubby forgot) and a day doing what I’d have liked (bed ALL day) but with two kids under four, that just wouldn’t happen.

I sound ungrateful but I’m not. I actually had one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a very long time. I did spend time with my family, all under one roof. We played, we laughed, we stuffed our faces and I smiled all day. Maybe birthdays aren’t what they used to be but I think I like them better like this.

And to top off an amazing day, Chinese. Yum!


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